When will my child be swimming – what days and what times?

On joining the club, you will be told who your coach is and your swim training times.  As your child progresses through the club, the coach in charge will keep you informed of any change to the times or any additional days to attend training.

What equipment do they need poolside?

Swimsuit and goggles and a drink for training sessions over an hour.

Who will be their coach and how do I speak to them if I have a query?

The Swimming Club Noticeboard lists the coaches available at each of the swimming sessions and for each squad. Currently the lead coaches are:

Otters              – Beccy Stenson

Sealions          – Cathy Maggs

Dolphins          – Cathy Maggs

Pheonix           – Nigel Masters

If you have a query, please speak to the coach at the end of the swimming session or email with your query and for whom, and it will be forwarded for you.

If you need to contact the coach with a message related to an injury or issue with your child that might affect their ability to participate fully in a training session, please ask the child to notify the coach of the issue at the start of the session.

How do the children get assessed and moved through the lanes & squads?

The children are being continually assessed and will be moved up when they are ready according to technique and times and when there is a space. Your coach will be able to keep you abreast of this.

How do the kids progress to become a competitive swimmer?

Firstly you must learn to swim correctly. Developing the correct technique is more important than going fast – that comes later!