January 2016

Cirencester Christmas Training Camp 2015
2016 looks like being a very exciting and promising year for Cirencester’s swimmers following the great success of the Christmas training camp.
Over the 4-day period between Christmas & New Year, some 40+ swimmers attended each day to participate in various land based conditioning activities and a 90-minute swim session. Totalling a solid 10 hours of training over the 4 days: equivalent to a months’ worth of training for some swimmers!!
The land based activities were aimed at swimming specific conditioning and included an introduction to medicine ball workouts and swimming specific circuit exercises, together with athletic sprint conditioning and a spin cycle session.
Judging by the colour of the swimmers after these sessions, I think it was evident that some good effort was applied to all the activities, whilst having a great deal of fun!!
The land based sessions were followed by a 90-minute swim session each day, with the focus on stroke technique and stroke development, race skills and some general conditioning.
The final day of the camp culminated with the attendance of a special guest, in the guise of Matt Rose, a former National Championship Qualifier & National Gold Medalist in the 50m & 100m Freestyle.
Matt’s appearance was invaluable to all the swimmers and coaches who attended as he demonstrated personally the necessary land based skills, stroke technique and race skills necessary to succeed.
I am without doubt that the effort put in by the swimmers over the 4 days will pay big dividends as we move forwards into 2016 and the upcoming Gloucester County Championships and Cotswold Cup competitions.
I would like to say a most sincere thank you to all the staff and management at Cirencester Leisure Centre for their help and to everyone from Cirencester SC who volunteered and helped out, to make the camp such a great success. Further photos from the camp are on the club website, under Gallery.