Jan 2018

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

In this blog, I cover: (1) our club calendar for 2018, (2) the importance of having the right equipment and (3) our decision on County relay teams.

1. Club Calendar 

Please find attached the club calendar for the coming year. My thanks to the coaches and calendar working group for their assistance and collaboration.

A lot of effort has been put into selecting which particular events best meet the requirements of the swimmers. There must be sufficient opportunity for racing without it impacting significantly on training time. A delicate balancing act but one we have hopefully achieved! 

There are sufficient open meets of various levels to allow every swimmer maximum opportunity to qualify for their particular individual goal. Whether that is County, Regional or National. 

There are several L3 open meets early in the season that are a great opportunity to register times across lots of events. Having official times will reduce the likelihood of being scratched from the more popular open meets nearer the County qualifying cut-off date later in the year. 


2. Having the right equipment … 

Please can you ensure that your swimmer has the correct (named) swim equipment available at the start of each session. For Regional Dolphins and all of the Phoenix squads this includes: snorkel, hand paddles, spare costume/trunks, spare goggles, pull-buoy, kickboard and fins. Having to accommodate swimmers with various items missing makes it very difficult to coach all of the swimmers effectively. 


3. Teams for County Relays

The Glos County Championships will very soon be upon us and I’m looking forward to seeing lots of exciting racing. A while back, I canvassed you for views on the changes to relay events at this year’s championships; only one team per club can race in the final of each relay event, even if two team qualify. The consensus was that the Club should enter two teams in each gender/age group wherever possible. If you are selected to compete, please do so; entering two teams in some gender / age groups will require all invited to attend. 

Additionally, and in order that all swimmers retain the potential to race more than once in each relay event, the team for each event final will be the fastest swimmers from the heats. Potentially this allows a swimmer from a ‘B’ team to swim a fast leg and then be selected for the ‘A’ team in the final. The final team selection decision will remain with the Head Coach.