Cirencester Swimming Club – TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.

Training Expectations – as a club we have limited water time to train, improve & prepare for competitions. To maximise the time we do have, we, as a TEAM need to action the following points.

  1. Arrive early to sessions – fuelled, hydrated & prepared for training.
  2. Go to the toilet before the session
  3. Be on poolside & have hats/goggles on ready to start the session on time.
  4. Get whatever kit you need to borrow from the cupboard for that session ready before entering the water. Ideally, have your own named kit in a kit bag ready to use, including kickboard, pull buoy, hand paddles, freestyle snorkel & short fins.
  5. Read the whiteboard to see the warm up & session sets so that you know what to do, in addition to your coach explaining it. If you don’t understand then please ask your coach to explain further, we would rather you did the set correctly from the start.
  6. Listen carefully to your coach when they are talking, as a mark of respect & to understand what is required of you. Repeated explanations of a set due to swimmers talking or not listening will waste time & reduce the TEAM’s Sets will often contain additional details & instructions which need to be explained.
  7. Carry out simple skills correctly everytime & at every opportunity. Including push offs, correct perfect streamline position, smooth breakouts, not breathing 1st stroke off the wall, turns, dives etc. Do these correctly everytime to maximise performance, without having to do any extra training. Practice makes Permanent – whatever you practice in training you will automatically do in races. Practice perfect, race perfect.
  8. Carry out sets & reps on the times given, use the clock. As exceptional athletes you need to show a degree of individual responsibility for ensuring you are completing the set correctly.
  9. We are a TEAM, and train as a TEAM. If individuals fail to perform basic skills & not complete sets as instructed, then they are not only reducing the performance potential of themselves, but also the TEAM, the coaching staff & the volunteers who give up their time freely, for the TEAM & club to succeed.
  10. Swimmers, you can show your gratitude & appreciation for all the time & effort your parents, club officials & helpers put in by rewarding them with maximising your swimming & personal achievements.
  11. Encourage each other. When sets are hard & team mates are struggling, encourage each other to pull through. Work together to get it done!! We all have off days. What makes a good swimmer great is not how good they are on a good day, but how good they are on a bad day!!
  12. Appropriate level of effort when instructed. The type of sessions you will be doing are based on sports science, human physiology & specific energy systems to maximise the benefit we can obtain from the limited pool time available. So if your coach asks for maximum effort or easy swimming then please execute that swim at the desired intensity from warm ups to swim downs.


You are representatives of Cirencester SC when at the sports centre, at open meets & at galas, so please act with appropriate behaviour & be respectful to each other, your coaches, officials & parents at all times.

There’s no limit to dreams & ambition in swimming or life, so dream big and let’s see what happens. Your coaches, club helpers & myself will do all we can to help make those dreams come true if you give us the opportunity.

Little things add up to big things! So Let’s all work together on the little things to achieve big things!  And hopefully have some fun on the way, learn some life skills and discover what we can achieve as individuals and a TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More

# Make it happen!!