Club Championships

You are a member of a competitive swimming club and, as such, are expected to race.  Club Championships provide the ideal environment to start competing and have a go at events you wouldn’t race when competing at galas against swimmers from other clubs.  A goal of the Club is to produce swimmers that have 4 good strokes and can compete successfully in individually medley events.

The Club Short Distance Championships are held in June for Sealions, Dolphins and Phoenix and there are races for all strokes from 25m to 200m, with the 25m for the under 9s only.

The Squids have a gala in the Autumn together with the Long Distance Championships for 400m, 800m & 1500m.

Medals are awarded for all events and trophies in each age group.


Dates For Club Champs 2018

  • 16 June U9 Club Champs
  • 23/24 June Club Champs L4
  • 26 June LD Club Champs L4
  • 30 June/ 31 July Club Champs L4


It’s not just about winning!


Hopefully you will participate in competitive swimming for many years and during that time you will get faster and at times may become slower when compared to others in the club. Everyone develops skills and strength at different times so even if you aren’t the fastest this year, you might be in the next year or two. It is therefore important that you gain experience of racing so you are ready when it’s your time to shine!  It is important to persevere and build up the skills and confidence that comes with competing over time.

In any competition, not everyone can be the fastest, strongest or most skilful, but you can always strive to beat your previous best performances.  Club Championships provide the opportunity to show parents, coaches and yourselves how much you are improving by setting new personal best times, especially those of you that don’t compete very often.




Medals will be awarded in each age group for the top 6 finishers in each event, with trophies for the best swimmer in each age group. Points scored in both galas will be added together to establish the Victor Ludorum in each age group up to 13/14 years.

The medals and prizes will be reviewed during the year so we encourage all swimmers to compete, so if you have any ideas for improvement, let a member of the coaching team or committee know.


Outside Competitive Events/Galas


Inter-club Galas, Open meets and County blocks are the next stage for swimmers aged 10yrs and over. From this age you are likely to have developed good stroke technique and the ability to do tumble turns and racing dives.

Team Galas

These include National Arena League in the Autumn and Cotswold League in the Spring. The club sends a team to compete and swimmers are selected on ability by the coaches. The Cotswold League is also used to introduce less experienced swimmers to competitions.

Open Meets

These are organised by the larger swimming clubs and are entered as individuals via the club. The Club will target specific meets throughout the year and you will be notified of the details for entries.

Level 3 Open Meets are for those starting competitive swimming. To enter you have to be at least 9yrs old and have achieved a qualifying entry time for your age group and event. There is also an upper time which if you are faster than this time you cannot enter.

Level 2 Open Meets have faster qualifying times and no upper limit.

Level 1 Open Meets have even faster qualifying times and are often in 50m pools.

Age for these meets is usually age at date of competition.

County Blocks

These take place Feb/March each year and you can enter events if you have achieved the qualifying times for your age group (age 10 & over). Age as on the 31st December.

Beyond this those who achieve Regional Qualifying times can swim in the SW Regional Championships in May and June and if you get National Times the National Championships.

So keep practising to get good swim skills techniques. If your technique is good as you get stronger and fitter you will get faster. It is a good idea to keep a record of you times and Personal Bests (PB’s) so you can see how you are improving and check for qualifying times!